Momentti - Immigration services unit


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Momentti is part of the services provided by the Eksote's immigration services.

 Address: Aikuisten keskus, Valtakatu 51, 3 floor, 53100 Lappeenranta

Counselling without an appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 13 - 15.
Counselling for Russian Immigrants: Phone hours are Mon, Tue and Fri at 13 -14, 
tel. 040 715 5327.


Merja Heino-Kukkurainen, Service Supervisor, Immigrant Services,tel. 0400 252 729

​​​​Anne Snellman, Secretary, tel.0400 285 970

Sari Pekkinen, Social councelor, tel.040 746 9870

Katri Vänttinen, Social councelor tel. 040 710 6094

​Elina Tiihonen, Social councelor , tel.040 146 336

Natalja Svidkovskaja, Service advisor, tel.040 715 532

Eevaliisa Vlasov, Social councelor, tel. 0447915494

Hanna-Leena Iisvirta, Integration councelor, tel. 040 651 1358


Counselling without an appointment on Thursdays at 13 - 15, Tainionkoskentie 1, 
55100 Imatra

Titta Piikki, Social councelor, tel. 040 651 3189

Sari Snellman-Kuitto, Social councelor, tel. 040 738 4154

Immigration Services Unit

Eksote’s immigration services provide advising and instructing to immigrants on matters relating to services and integration. It informs and consults authorities, decision-makers, and local residents on these matters and promotes cooperation between the parties involved in immigration.
The services provided by the unit inc
  • Preparation of initial surveys and integration plans for persons outside the labour market 
  • Assisting newcomers in the filling of application, making of contracts, and acquisition of household items. ​ 
  • Distribution of information and increasing understanding of various cultures 
  • Lectures, clubs, and trips
The Unit usually serves those who have recently moved to Finland.