The situation within the South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote)


Up-to-date information about the coronavirus situation and the COVID-19 vaccinations​ in South Karelia

Covid-19 vaccinations are in progress in South Karelia. If you have not yet received the first corona vaccine, you can book a vaccination appointment via electronic appointment (​ - only in Finnish) or by calling tel. 05 352 2355.

Alternatively, you can go to Imatra ToriGalleria on weekdays from 1 pm to 4 pm or to IsoKristiina in Lappeenranta on weekdays from 9 am to 2.30 pm without appointment.

​When you come to get the vaccine, r​emem​ber to bring your social security card (KELA-kortti) or your ID together with your temporary Finnish personal identification number.

Where and when can I get a COVID-19 vaccination in South Karelia?

12 years old and older inhabitants can get the first or second coronavirus jab without appointment in Imatra and Lappeenranta as described below: 

  • Lappeenranta on weekdays, between 9:00 and 14:30 without a prior appointment. ​
  • Imatra, ​on weekdays, between 13:00 and 16:00.​

COVID-19 vaccinations in South Karelia are administered to persons aged 12 years or older.

Under-aged persons may decide themselves if they want to be vaccinated if the health care professional administering the vaccine considers that, based on their age and development level, the child or young person is sufficiently mature to decide on the matter on their own. 

There is no legal age limit on a child’s right to self-determination, and the matter is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

If the young person is unwilling or unable to decide independently, the consent of each of the child’s parents or guardians is required. The attached consent formula can be printed and filled in before the vaccination. The formulas are available also in the vaccination point.​​​

Consent to coronavirus vaccine.pdf

Persons aged 12–15 years can be vaccinated at IsoKristiina in Lappeenranta and at ToriGalleria in Imatra, as well as in the northern municipalities, if there are available vaccination appointment times.
To book an appointment, please call +358 5 352 2355.

Please note! A printed and filled-in consent of the young person to be vaccinated must be presented at the vaccination point. 

More information regarding vaccinations that will be carried out at schools and related appointment practices will be distributed during week 34.

All persons aged 12 or older can come to IsoKristiina in Lappeenranta on weekdays, between 9:30 and 14:30, to have their first vaccination dose without a prior appointment. There are still plenty of available vaccination appointment times left. 


In Lappeenranta, vaccinations are given in the shopping centre IsoKristiina and in Imatra, in ToriG​alleria. To view all vaccination locations in South Karelia, please visit: /Koronavirus/koronarokotukset/rokotuspaikat/ ​(Only in Finnish)​

- Remember to wear a face mask and disinfect your hands! -

The number of new COVID-19 cases has increased in South Karelia during the early part of the summer and a few COVID-19 patients are currently in hospital. It is very important to follow hygiene instructions and to always wear a face mask in shops and other indoor premises, where a large number of people are present.

Having yourself vaccinated against the coronavirus is important in order to reduce the occurrence of COVID-19 in South Karelia. The COVID-19 vaccination provides good protection against the severe form of the coronavirus disease.

The COVID-19 vaccination is free of charge and voluntary.​


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COVID-19 vaccination is offered to all persons aged 12 or older who are willing to take the vaccine. ​More information:​

Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates​ (THL)

The valid recommendations in South Karelia
How to act if you suspect to have Covid 19 –virus?​
If you have symptoms of Covid-19 infection​

  • The regional COVID-19 situation assessment workgroup of South Karelia stated at its meeting on 19 October 2021 that the epidemic is in the acceleration phase in South Karelia. The three stages of an epidemic are the baseline, acceleration, and spreading phases.​
  • The importance of COVID-19 vaccinations is emphasised when the extensive mask recommendation is discontinued. It is only safe to participate in events without a mask or return to the office from remote work, for example, and meet colleagues without a mask when you have received a full series of COVID-19 vaccinations. In the past week, 71 percent of people who have contracted coronavirus were unvaccinated. The next meeti​ng of the regional COVID-19 situation assessment workgroup will be held on 2 November 2021.
  • South Karelia aims at a 90 percent vaccination coverage in order to prevent the fifth COVID-19 wave​. Read press release (19 Octob​er, 2021) >
The situatio​n assessment workgroup hopes that the residents will follow the instructions, recommendations, and restrictions provided in relation to the coronavirus epidemic carefully in South Karelia.

​​Did you become ill in Fi​​nland?
  • If you develop symptoms that are typical of a coronavirus infection, you must stay home or in your place of accommodation. Do not meet other people or go to public places if you have a runny nose, a cough, a sore throat, a fever, nausea, or diarrhoea. 
  • Have yourself tested for coronavirus immediately by calling Eksote 116 117 or by filling in a symptom assessment in the Omaolo service. The symptoms of a coronavirus infection and instructions for booking a coronavirus test can be found on Eksote’s website:
  • If you feel that you require treatment for your symptoms, you can have your treatment need assessed by calling the same number 116 117.​
  • Instructions for persons who have been ordered to quarantine or isolate in their own home (290121)​.pdf

  • At the moment, face masks are not very widely used in the region. However, attention must be paid to their use, especially when moving in shops and shopping centres, in connection to indoor activities and other leisure time activities, on public transport, and at private celebrations (e.g. weddings, large birthday gatherings, and graduations).

What should ​I do if I have become exposed to COVID-19?

There are currently many people in South Karelia who have become exposed to COVID-19. At schools, students and staff have been ordered to quarantine. Eksote's infection tracking team will contact everyone who has caught COVID-19 and will go through any exposure situations with them. It is possible that exposed persons will be informed of their exposure quicker through the organiser of leisure activities, employer, or school.

The instructions to follow if you suspect that you have become exposed to COVID-19:

  • Exposed persons must self-quarantine immediately as to not spread the virus further.
  • Fill in a COVID-19 symptom assessment at A guardian can fill in the symptoms assessment and book a COVID-19 test for children under 15 years of age.
  • If the exposed person does not have any symptoms, it is not necessary to have a COVID-19 test immediately. In such a case, the family members of the exposed person can run errands outside the home as normal.
  • If the exposed person or other family members develop symptoms, book a COVID-19 test for the person who has symptoms. You must remain in voluntary quarantine while waiting for the test result. Other family members should also restrict participation in​, e.g., leisure activities until the COVID-19 test result of the person who has symptoms has been received.
  • Wait patiently to be contacted by Eksote's infection tracking team. Matters related to the quarantine and any certificates needed, if any, will be addressed during the phone call.
  • Even if the exposed person does not have any symptoms, it is recommended to take a COVID-19 test before the 10-day quarantine period ends; however, the test should not be taken earlier than six days after the exposure.
  • If you cannot use the Omaolo online service, book a COVID-19 test appointment by calling your own healthcare service centre or the medical helpline 116 117.

  • Putting on a mask​ (Turku)​
  • See below for more information on the baseline level mask recommendation.
  • Situation elsewhere in Finland: THL / Alueiden tilanne: rajoitukset ja suositukset 
  • Voluntary quarantine is not a punishment

    The workgroup stresses the importance of voluntary quarantine when travelling abroad. At the present time, travelling abroad is not recommended. In THL's traffic light model, e.g. Russia is in the grey category. Persons who travel in a country that is red or grey in the traffic light model must stay in voluntary quarantine for 14 days every time they return to Finland. Voluntary quarantine is not a punishment for crossing the border, but a measure that aims to protect the population against the spread of the coronavirus disease.

    – In Finland, voluntary quarantine is not supervised, but everyone must do their share to fight the pandemic, says the Chair of the workgroup Tuula Karhula.

    In voluntary quarantine, you should stay at home and not go e.g. to your workplace, school, or other place of study. This protects others from infection.

    It is recommended that children who are in voluntary quarantine do not participate in early childhood education. School-aged children and young people should also stay at home. Any special arrangements must be agreed upon with the education organiser. The practices to be followed at work for 14 days following the return of an employee to Finland must be agreed upon with the employer.

    Voluntary quarantine can be shortened if the person receives two negative COVID-19 test results. Please visit the THL website for further information:​​​