The upcoming ski holiday in South Karelia

Julkaistu: 26.2.2021 15:00
Päivitetty: 26.2.2021 14:56

Next week (week 9) is the school ski holiday in South Karelia. THL has provided advice on how to stay safe during the ski holiday and it is recommended that holidaymakers favour ski tracks, forests, and sledding hills during the week. The risk of being infected by the COVID-19 virus when enjoying the great outdoors is low.

THL recommends that holidaymakers spend time outdoors with those closest to them and avoid crowds. At the present time, COVID-19 is found in all parts of Finland and travelling increases the risk of spreading the virus even wider. 

If you have symptoms before the holiday, do not take part in any holiday activities. Instead, have yourself tested immediately. It is also vital to be tested immediately, if you develop symptoms during the holiday. To book a test in the Eksote area, fill in a symptom assessment of the symptoms of yourself or your child in the Omaolo service at or call the nearest wellbeing or healthcare centre (on weekdays) or during stand-by hours, call 116 117. The contact details of the wellbeing and healthcare centres can be found on Eksote’s website.

– During this ski holiday, it is important to only spend time with those closest to you, to avoid all kinds of crowds, to maintain a safe distance of over two metres from people who are not part of your own group, also when exercising outdoors, to maintain good hand hygiene, and to use a mask in all public premises. At ski centres, parties and local bars must be skipped completely and peak hours avoided when dining at a restaurant or visiting a café, says Tuula Karhula (Chair of the situation assessment workgroup, Director of the Health and Elderly Services, Eksote).

– Even though minor flu symptoms can seem like a trivial reason to cancel a holiday and to book a test, it is the only right thing to do in the present situation. By acting responsibly, we do not spread the virus ourselves, says Karhula.

After the ski holidays, the remote teaching recommendation of second level education will continue in South Karelia. The organiser of the education will determine what it deems to be necessary contact teaching, and how it will continue.

Travelling to Russia is not recommended 
There are the valid restrictions in South Karelia related to travelling. Travelling between Finland and Russia must be avoided. 
It is recommended that all travelling to areas that are in the spreading phase be avoided. In particular, travelling should be avoided to areas where the coronavirus situation is worse than in South Karelia. Travelling to ski centres in the North of Finland and abroad should also be avoided.
Persons who have been abroad, including Russia, must stay in voluntary quarantine for fourteen days after they have returned to Finland. COVID-19 testing is organised at border-crossing points in Southeastern Finland during opening hours, i.e. 7:00 – 21:30.

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