Dental care

Oral and dental care in South Karelia

When you contact a dental clinic, an oral health care professional will assess your need for care and the level of urgency. Based on this assessment, you will receive advice or an appointment with a dental nurse, dental hygienist, or dentist. 

You will receive an SMS reminder (in Finnish) of your appointment, two days in advance.
Dental clinics are open Mon–Thu 8–15 and Fri 8–14. Telephone:  05 352 7059 
See the bottom of this page for contact details 

Cancelling an appointment 

If you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel it as soon as possible – however, no later than the day preceding the appointment. Appointments can be cancelled by phone or by using the SMS service. A fee is charged for unused appointments that have not been cancelled. 

Dental clinics in South Karelia​

  • Armila Dental Clinic Armilankatu 44, FI-53100 Lappeenranta
  • Imatra Dental Clinic Heikinkatu 1, 2nd floor, FI-55100 Imatra
  • Joutseno Dental ClinicVälskärintie 2, FI-54100 Joutseno
  • Lappeenranta
    Central Dental Clinic
            Pohjolankatu 14, FI-53100 Lappeenranta
  • Lemi Dental Clinic Toukkalantie 3, FI-54710 Lemi
  • Luumäki Dental Clinic Marttilantie 2, FI-54500 Taavetti
  • Parikkala Dental Clinic Lehmuskuja 3, FI-59100 Parikkala
  • Rautjärvi Dental Clinic Viipurinkatu 6, FI-56800 Simpele
  • Ruokolahti Dental Clinic Nällisuontie 7, FI-56100 56100 Ruokolahti
  • Sammonlahti Dental Clinic Torpanpellonkatu 2, FI-53850 Lappeenranta
  • Savitaipale Dental Clinic Maitolantie 7, FI-54800 Savitaipale
  • Taipalsaari Dental Clinic Muukkolantie 4, FI-54920 Taipalsaari​