​When life is threat​ened, please call to number 112.
24/7 on-call duty service, please call to number 116 117.

  • Information on on-call medical services is here​ (in Finnish).
  • Contact details of healthcare centres and their appointment numbers are listed here​ (in Finnish)
  • Laboratory appointment details can be found he​re​​ (in Finnish).​​​​​​
South Karelia Healthcare Centre is a municipal unit that provides healthcare services to people living within the Social and Health Care District of South Karelia (Eksote). The purpose of the healthcare centres is to promote the health and wellbeing of the residents and to provide healthcare services. 
In municipal healthcare, the client only pays part of the expenses and the remainder is covered from the public budget.
The services provided by the South Karelia Healthcare Centre to the local population include:
  • Medical appointments 
  • Day time on-call medical services
  • Nurse appointments
  • Child welfare clinics  
  • Dental care
The healthcare centre provides services through municipal healthcare centres, where the residents can make appointments with their local doctors and nurses. Specialists see patients at the South Karelia Central Hospital. A referral from a doctor working at a local healthcare centre is required for an appointment. 
Healthcare centres also provide mental healthcare services. 

If you get sick

On weekdays, telephone your local healthcare centre. Healthcare centres can be contacted directly in matters relating to on-call medical services and medical appointments. The nurse will assess your need for care and direct you to suitable care accordingly. If you feel that your language skills are not sufficient for you to explain your needs on telephone, you can always go to the service point of the healthcare centre instead. If necessary, an interpreter will be provided to translate during doctor's or nurse's appointments. 
Appointments with a healthcare centre doctor must be cancelled no later than 15.00 the previous day.  A penalty fee will be charged for any uncancelled appointments. 

​The nurse below instruct immigrants on the use of services of the Finnish health care system and assists in seeking care and in other health-related matters.

Niina Ryhänen, nurse
Armila Health Care Centre
Armilankatu 44
53100 Lappeenranta
tel. 040 146 3235​

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