Momentti - Immigration services unit


​​Eksote’s immigration services provide advising and instructing to immigrants on matters relating to services and integration. It informs and consults authorities, decision-makers, and local residents on these matters and promotes cooperation between the parties involved in immigration.

The services provided by the unit include:

•Preparation of initial surveys and integration plans for persons outside the labour market
•Assisting newcomers in the filling of application, making of contracts, and acquisition of household items. ​
•Distribution of information and increasing understanding of various cultures
•Lectures, clubs, and trips

The Unit usually serves those who have recently moved to Finland. 



Lappeenrannan Aikuisten keskus, Valtakatu 51, 3 floor, Lappeenranta

Imatran Aikuisten keskus, Tainionkoskentie 1, 2 floor, Imatra

​Counselling without an appointment In Lappeenranta on Tuesdays at
 13 - 15.

Counselling for Russian Immigrants: Phone hours are Mon, Tue and Fri at 13 -14, 
tel. 040 715 5327.

Merja Heino-Kukkurainen, Service Supervisor, Immigrant Services,tel. 0400 252 729
Hanna-Leena Iisvirta, Integration councelor, tel. 040 651 1358